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About Warfare Heroes

Game Overview

Warfare Heroes is a new WW2-themed idle-RPG strategy game with a full-fledged gameplay using both free-to-play and play-to-earn models.
Warfare Heroes is inspired by actual events and participants of WW2. To be able to lead a huge campaign for liberation of all European countries from the occupation, players will have to build powerful armies made up of various types of real war equipment from all over the world, be it German Tigers, Soviet T-34s or American M4 Shermans.
Warfare Heroes is free to play with an additional opportunity to earn token rewards. The game is built and run on Binance Smart Chain allowing players to earn tokens in PVE and PVP modes through an NFT-based gameplay.

Core Game Features

  • Full-fledged diverse gameplay. Players will have to raise, train and equip their own army to send them on a variety of compelling assignments in different modes. Each mode has its own rules to follow, and each battle requires specific skills to defeat the enemy. Players will progress on the map through quests and missions, and will battle other players in the PVP Arena mode enjoying a competitive and gripping gameplay rather than simply clicking through.
  • Play to earn. Along with an exciting journey as WW2 commanders, players are offered an opportunity to earn native in-game tokens $GODL and governance tokens $WARH which can be traded at DEX to earn real money. Also, players will be able to mint new NFTs through intensive gameplay and sell them at the marketplace. Governance token holders will have the right to vote on development proposals. They will be able to manage the success of the game and have a chance to receive benefits from improvement of the game ecosystem.
  • Free to play. All new players will be able to enter the game for free and earn $GODL. During a tutorial all new players will be rewarded with 7 free Common Heroes of different classes. With these heroes players will be able to form a squad and earn $GODL rewards in PVE or PVP modes.
  • Unique historical NFT collection. Players will be fascinated with real-life copies of WW2 military equipment reproduced in detail with characteristic shapes and authentic painting. Warfare Heroes is one of the first p2e games to offer players an adventurous journey in a WW2 setting. No cyberspace, no fantasy, no toons, only real historical combat vehicles and soldiers: 150+ types of tanks, artillery and infantry from all over the world.

Military Base

The war base is the starting point of all player's operations. Uninhabited and deserted at the start, it rapidly transforms to a well-organized military establishment capable of producing various resources and war machinery under player's command.
  • Military Base generates Oil, Hero XP, Commander XP and Cash over time.
  • Generation speed depends on the progress in Campaign mode.
  • The player should visit the base at least every 12 hours to collect available resources and unload storages.

Army and Battles

In Warfare Heroes army is the main player's tool to earn resources including game tokens. The army is represented as a collection of cards, each acting as a single unit or commander on the battlefield.
  • Battle is the core gameplay activity of any mode in the game.
  • Two armies clash in a battle, each can use up to 7 Heroes and 4 Commanders.
  • When the battle starts, the units begin to attack each other in accordance with their targeting priorities.
  • Winner must destroy all enemy units before the timer expires.
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